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Sledgehammer 2010 Contestants

Thanks so much to all our Sledgehammer 2010 contestants. Please take some time to read the stories and vote for your favorite three by September 30. These votes will select the winner of the Readers’ Choice Award.

“Untitled” by Kim Crow

“Human” by Angela Davis

“The Mule” by Clay and Kay Derochie

“Varney’s Revenge” by Disciples of Ba’alat

“Riff Raff” by Bob Ferguson

“Creatures of Découpage” Hunter and Bettina Gregg

“Toothpaste and Bumper Stickers” by Josh Gross

“Master” by Daniel Keppol

“To Squash a Fairy” by Kassy Keppol

“Swing” by Adrienne Krey

“Possibilities…” by Jacqui Pitt

“Migrating Crows” by Nick Powell

“The-Bow-Armed-Bear-Hunter” by Erica Somes

“A Nice Package” by Team Knipper

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Twins & Twins & Twins

“Convenience” by Vantucky Derby

And watch for these prompts they had to work into their stories:

character: a delivery person
action: climbing a tree
prop: sunscreen
dialogue: “What you need is a nice…”


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