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20-Pounder Sponsors

Thanks so much to our 2011 20-Pounder sponsors, who have each donated $500 or more worth of prizes!


Congratulations, 2011 Winners!

Congratulations to the 2011 Sledgehammer 36-Hour Writing Contest OPS_Sledgehammer_THUMBNAIL-2winners!

First Place Team:
Team Baldwin, “No Apocalypse in the Rose City”

First Place Individual:
Dora Raymaker, “Butterflies and Thunder”

Readers’ Choice Award:
Lisa Galloway, “Exalted and Extinguished”

They’ll each go home with prizes galore, thanks to our very generous sponsors.

Watch the site for upcoming readings by these talented writers!

Miscellaneous Quotes from Sledgehammer 2011


Hash browns or toast?

I’m doing my hammer dance. “U can’t touch this…”

I saw a quail run
I ate a cinnabun
Now I weigh a ton
And can’t go out to run.

Why is the comments required? Is this like a test to see if you are good enough for the contest. Oh man, I didn’t have anything prepared. Is this bad?

In need of prompting.

[We] are stoked about the writing adventure that is this contest.

Hoc age!

Kids, thanks for putting together this rollocking good time that really lets writers display their chops.




I have no more words to use for famous last words.

If I could do it over again, I’d use more puppets.

So…that happened….

We may be a smidge embarrassed!

There is a Thor!

First timers–ready for beginners’ luck!

It’s short and sassy–just like me!

We are rockstars!

____, ____ ____; ______.

I may never write a solo project again.

There are way too many bums on the MAX!

We did it!



Thanks to my wife!

Number 9 and such.

I only have love in my heart…

Project Runway FTW

Remind me to eat next time.

Down with mayonnaise!



by Dr. Huckleberry

Leslie put her hand on her hip, cocked her head to the side and with a high-pitched, back of the throat breath gasped, “When we get back, I have an appointment to get my hair done by my boyfriend, Thor.  He’s gay, but he sends me cute thank-you cards.” Leslie says this with a conspiratorial wink at her daughter. By this time Bob, her husband, was already ignoring her, glancing at the faces in the crowd, scanning for signs of anyone he had just seen on the Jumbo-tron. And terrorists, of course.

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by Matthew Braun

His knees always told him when the rain was coming. Before he got out of bed or turned on the news to watch the smiling idiots. Before he even opened his eyes, he knew the weather for the day.

As Carl looked at himself in the mirror he examined his wispy red hair for evidence of further loss, admired his relic of a bushy moustache, and settled into the mindless routine of the morning.

The wipers kept cadence on the 65–‐mile drive down the Gorge into work while he listened to Rush Limbaugh. The tirade was interrupted by the tone from the Bluetooth on the Ford’s stereo.

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