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Micro Sledgehammer: Write to Publish 2011

We love to do on-the-spot writing contests at our fair and trade show booths, and last weekend was no exception. We had a great time chatting with everyone at the Ooligan Press’s Write to Publish industry mingle and reading your Micro Sledgehammer 36-Word Writing Contest entries!

Prompt: Revolution

Congratulations to Judith Arcana, who penned the winning piece and won fame (umm, here, of course!) and $10 off her registration fee for September’s main event. Our judge said of her entry, “I liked the part about the rising revolution. I also thought it was clever that they came up with a carousel from ‘revolution.'”

We keep turning around, round the turn, going round and round and round as if we were riding carefully carved and brightly painted giraffes, ponies, tigers and greyhounds, rising into the blue sky of white-clouded revolution.

© 2011 Judith Arcana


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