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Mini Sledgehammer: March 2013 Metlakatla Library

Ali learned something new with this month’s Mini Sledgehammer: when it snows while the sun is shining in Southeast Alaska, that’s the beginning of Herring season. She’ll never see such weather phenomena the same!

Congratulations to Marcella Brendible, who crafted this story of love and wilderness with the following prompts:

Character: A new parent
Action: Eating foreign food
Setting: A sunny day with snow falling
Phrase: “Not in a million years”



by Marcella Brendible

The day began with pink clouds and blue skies a minute later the skies darken rather quickly. Gently the snow began to fall. “I just looked and saw a beautiful sunrise and now it’s snowing!” Sally exclaimed to her husband Roy. The two of them were preparing their boat for the nearest city. Well, city terms of a wilderness country, that is. The two were heading out to pick up their new daughter born during the night. They waited a long time for this day and they both wanted a girl.

Time in the acclaimed third largest city was a favorite of theirs. Restaurants, shops and even a small movie theater. Such luxuries were a rare treat. The month before, they journeyed in to prepare for their daughter. Now her room was ready and so were they. Family and friends gather at the dock waiting for their arrival. Everyone was going to help them adjust and help with the new family’s transition.

“Shall we try out the new restaurant?” Roy asked Sally.

“Not in a million years” was Sally’s answer. I’m not like you, eating live animal meat. Fresh veggies, sure. Besides, maybe later. I just don’t want to introduce something new to my body when we are picking up our daughter!”

“Okay, I understand,” Roy said.

The snow was falling lightly again, but they both knew this was part of their spring season. They both knew the day would settle down with blue sky throughout the day. Nothing was going to keep Sally and Roy home on their small island.

“I’ll go and start up the boat while you finish packing,” he said. “The cabin will be nice and warm for you.”

I love that about you, thought Sally. Today was going to change their lives forever. Helpful friends were ready to pitch in. Family encouraging them to go ahead and adopt. Everybody was excited.

New parents had high expectations for their offspring, and these two were no different. Introducing their young one to the natural world of their island, the seasons they’ll share, the wildlife in abundance, was just the beginning of their baby’s life.

The solitude was heavenly. Above the tall trees, the Milky Way shone brightly. Heaven on earth was their gift to their daughter.

Dad recorded the migrating whales; Mom wrote for scientific journals and the local newspaper. They planned to home school, and life was looking up! Not that their life wasn’t already whole, but to introduce a new life to their world was exciting for them. Science in their backyard, above their heads, health through their walks and fresh wild food growing around their home. The forty-plus other families to share your ups and downs with—a community of music, food, and shared love for the natural world. Life was complete.

The new parents-to-be gathered the rest of their belongings and said goodbye to their once-quiet home.

“When we return, we’ll have her, you know,” Roy said.

“I know, I know,” she replied. “I am ready.” She gently closed the front door.

© 2013 Marcella Brendible


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