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Mini Sledgehammer: May 2013 Metlakatla Library

Congratulations to Karen Thompson for wowing a judge who doesn’t like most dream sequences. Ali loved how Karen’s dream so realistically jumped from scene to scene and kept a sense of urgency.

Character: A sultan
Action: Running
Setting: A shadowy room
Prop: A book about Africa



By Karen Thompson

The fire added so much comfort to the hugh room.  The wet wood crackled with audible levels contributing to complete relaxation.

I could smell the alder as I drifted in and out of a deep, but still semi-conscious sleep.  The fire cast shadows against the bare walls.  In my semi-conscious sleep I was running through wooded trails at dusk or twilight.  So warm, so comfortable, the sounds awakened childhood memories.  It must be summer.

Vaguely I was recognizing a room through a haze; I sensed within my being the need to find something missing?  I was late, for what?  I continued with this inner sense of missing something.  I remembered always having books in a specific place and I could not reach this area.

Within an instant I was running in the wooded trail with shadows in front of me, behind me and sounds of someone with me, or following?  I could hear tree limbs snapping as someone stepped on them.  THe smell of alder smoke never left.

A hugh building, again the sense and urgency of being late and finding something.  Maybe I would find what I was looking for in this hugh building.  THe shadows danced around me as I approached…a castle?

Immediately I was in a dim lit room, feeling a familiarity.  I smelt smoke and the room was hot, was this because of my running?  I could feel sweat on my body, uncomfortable heat but crackling sounds gave me an assurance.  I needed to find my book storage.

The shadows were vivid and dancing on the walls.  I now saw someone with their back to me.  Dressed in beautiful satins that changed as the light from the flames glowed at different degrees.  A turbaned sultan?  SLowly the person turned and as the eyes came straight forward into mine.  His mouth distorted for speech while his eyes pierced through my very being… a loud sound jolted me awake.  It was my book on Africa falling.

My dream, was I looking for this book?  How did a sultan fit into my dreams?  The warmth of the fire, dancing shadows were now dimming.

© 2013 Karen Thompson


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